Top 10 Survey Site That Pays You $$$-Earn Money Online

TOP 10 Survey -An Ultimate Way To Earn Money

Top 10 Survey

Top 10 Survey that pays you dollar. There are survey sites that pays you dollar. After the completion of the surveys you get reward. I have brought top 10 survey sites that pays you money. For example, there are many growing research companies that offers various rewards just by filling out some information or online surveys and testing their product which are may be of the respected companies that they are willing to get reviews . So lets start.


Opinion Outpost

This is an survey operating site which will pay you dollar just by completing some of the surveys given by the website or whats in their list. However there are many things to complete  before getting ready. In this site, sometime it may too long time just for waiting for surveys and this usually depends on your internet connection. Sometime, the cause for not getting surveys also varies from country to country. For instance, the survey available in America which may not be available in Japan or may be in Nepal or in India, so considering all the factor one must follow or wait till the survey appear in your window.

Rewards: You can get Cash rewards or Amazon Vouchers

Amount/survey: 50 point

Threshold: $3.5

Note: At least you have to complete 5 surveys before getting paid.

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The Opinion Panel Community

Well, this site is really and awesome site where you can earn more money than the previous one that is Opinion Outpost because the amount per survey was only 50 points and the amount per survey is not given but in this site you can earn around $5.6 dollar just by completing the surveys. However, you must need and fastest internet connection and a laptop or desktop computer.\

Rewards: Amazon and High street vouchers

Amount/survey: 50 points which is equal to $5.6 per survey

Threshold: $35




Talking about Swagbugs don’t need introduction because this site is most viewed site as a whole. In this site, you can earn vouchers and some cash prizes as well. Mainly this site famous for taking people’s opinion and  building some strategies to build up better content for the users.

Rewards: Cash, Vouchers and Prize draws

Amount/survey: 70 points mainly called as SB.

Threshold: May be 40 points because the site has not provided info.

Valued Opinion

This site is the best site for those people who want some gift-cards from Amazon stores and some cash prizes. However this site mainly focus on peoples opinion and getting some ideas where they can learn some things from different group of people and make a better community by analyzing data provided by them.

Rewards: Vouchers like Amazon gift-cards or M&S, Sainburry’s  John Lewis and many more

Amount/survey: nearly $ 1.40 to$7.50

Threshold: Not given


My Survey

It is clear from the heading that what is the main theme of the site. Yes, this site responsible for taking surveys about various kinds of things and analyzing data to  make better contents for the user/people and make a better world. By signing up in this site you can be eligible to earn money online without investing a cent.

Rewards Can make PayPal payments, Amazon vouchers and high street payments

Amount/survey: 100 points

Threshold: 345 points which is equal to $4.70


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