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Shadow Fight 2 is a one character role-playing, an action-thriller game developed by Nekki and the first version of the game was coming into play on 9 October 2013. This game collected a huge success and later it was released on 1 may 2014 worldwide on both iOS and Android. Due to its huge success on Android and iOS, later it was also released on Window 8 and 8.1
This game is fiction based where a character is a great warrior and no one can stand him in the battle and no one dares to challenge him in the battle including great masters. During the first opening of the game the character also says that he searched for battle and he traveled the various land in search of it where he finds, ‘The Gates of Shadow”
Shadow Fight 2 is now available in various language including German, Russian, French, Chinese, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Turkish and Portuguese.

Shadow Fight 2


The main character of the game, Shadow is a powerful warrior in the whole world of the game but due to his arrogant behavior pushed him in the worst situation that he defies the rules of his ancestors and he dared to open the Gates of Shadows. However, he realizes that it was his huge mistake and within a moment he lost his physical body and soul. He soon realizes that he has become a mere Silhouette. After opening the gate of Shadow, he must close the Gates of Shadow to protect the world. But to do this he must collect all the demon seals. When all demons seals are accumulated, he has to defeat all the demons where the demons are teamed up together. When all demons are defeated in the game of first act that is gates of Shadow, May and Shadow sealed the gates. where May is again pulled back to the Gates by Titan. This makes the beginning of Interlude act.
You will know all the players and act when you play the game.

Shadow Fight 2

About Game

The game shadow fight 2 starts with 2 main buttons which are used in the gameplay/battle. The button is punch and Kick. The ranged weapons and the magic buttons are available after a certain level of the game. In this game, there are 7 acts altogether wherein each act Demon Boss must be defeated for the next act. The demons boss are:\
1. Lynx
2. Hermit
3. Butcher
4. Wasp
5. Shogun
6. Titan
The demon boss is followed by 5 bodyguards where each must be defeated to challenge the boss. But there is some special case for Demon Boss Shogun. The 5th bodyguard comes with an additional 5 mercenaries which must be defeated all in a row then only shadow can fight with Shogun. However, for Shogun, the players must have to defeat the shogun 3 rounds instead of 2 rounds. This article will be very much longer if I describe the game in detail. So i am not going write it all. Instead, I am going to write about last Act VII. In last play, challengers will not appear. When the player of the game defeats the challenger, the player is rewarded with the opponent weapons. As a matter of fact, there is a unique mode called Ascension. This means the players have to defeat the ninjas where equipment is enchanted and the rules are changed slightly and are applied in each of the fights.
In this game, players can make a team with other players around the world and will be able to fight with a boss.


Shadow Fight starts off with two buttons that are used in combat: the punch and the kick button. Eventually, the Ranged Weapons and Magic buttons will become available for use.

There is a total of 7 Acts (8 including the Interlude) in Shadow Fight 2. Each act has a Demon Boss to defeat before moving on to the next act. The demons in order are Lynx, Hermit, Butcher, Wasp, Widow, Shogun, and Titan. Each demon has five bodyguards, which must be defeated before the players can challenge the boss. There is a unique case for Shogun, whose fifth bodyguard recruits an additional 5 mercenaries which are defeated all in a row, and Titan, who also summons May to attack Shadow. In order to defeat demons, the player has to defeat him/her in 3 rounds instead of the usual 2 rounds.

1 Energy unit will be used to enter any fight, with the exception of Ascension fights, Challenger fights, Underworld fights and the fight with General’s Mercenaries; the players cannot play any of the other fights if they run out of energy (with the exception of General’s Mercenaries, which require an energy unit but do not consume it). The player can have up to 5 energy units at a time. The energy will be restored by 1 every 10 minutes. The player also can refill energy by either watching a video to gain 1 energy unit or pay 5 Gems to refill all the energy.

Equipment: Weapons, Armor, Helm, Ranged Weapons and Magic can be used during gameplay. Ranged Weapons are unlocked after defeating Lynx and Magic is unlocked after defeating Hermit.

There are 5 main modes in each Act. They are Storyline Fights, Tournaments, Challenges (except for Act I which does not have a Challenge mode), Survival, and Duel (needs internet connection).

The main goal of Shadow Fight  is to defeat all of the 7 demon bosses by taking down each of their bodyguards, challenging the demon, and then moving on to the next.

However, the bodyguards and demons are not easy to take down; therefore, the player can also participate in other modes of play to earn currency: Tournament, Survival, Duel, and Challenge.

In Tournament, the goal is to defeat each of the numerous fighters by challenging each individually. This is similar to fighting bodyguards. There can be either 24 stages (before closing Interlude) or 8 stages (during the Interlude and the Incubator tournament Act VII) to defeat.

In Challenge, the goal is to defeat each of the numerous fighters by challenging each individually, with altered rules and conditions being applied in each fight. There can be either 24 (before Interlude) or 8 (during the Interlude and Stone Grove Challenge pre-Ancient Act VII) challenges to be completed.

In Survival, the players must fight 10 ninjas (6 during the Interlude and onward) in a row without break. The more ninjas defeated, the higher the reward.

In Duel, the players must fight a ninja with random equipment and altered rules. Duels are unlocked after the players defeat two bodyguards. Internet connection is required to fight in Duel and it can be fought once every four hours.

There is also the Eclipse mode, a state of play that will increase the difficulty in all fights except Ascension, Underworld, and Challengers. Winning a fight in Eclipse will reward the players with additional Shadow Orbs, which can be used to enchant equipment.

After all the seals are collected, there is a special survival/challenge mode crossover battle: the Gates of Shadows battle. The six demons have teamed up together to fight Shadow and prevent him from reaching and closing the Gates. The goal is to defeat all demons in a row without break, with each fight consisting of altered rules and conditions.

Challengers will also appear on every Act except Act VII. When the  player defeats a challenger, the player will get the challenger’s weapon as the reward. They are (in order): Trickster, Hawk, Rose, Fisher, Outcast, Ronin, and Nova; offering Nunchaku, Naginata, Katana, Wanderer’s Staff, Heavy Kusarigama, Ronin’s Dadao and Spiny Knuckles as a reward respectively.

There is one unique mode in Act II; Ascension. In Ascension, the goal is to defeat ninjas, whose equipment is enchanted, with altered rules and conditions being applied in each fight. Ascension tickets obtained from duels are necessary to enter the first stage, while they are not for the other stages. After each victory, the players will be rewarded with a complimentary “spin”, which will reward them with a random pick from a prize pool. The rewards increase after every 2 victories until the player beats stage 5; resetting them to the very beginning and requiring tickets to enter again.

Shadow Fight  also features a multiplayer mode, Underworld. The players team up with other players to fight the bosses. They need to gather raids in order to fight the bosses. They can join or create clans. Players also have Dans in the Underworld.

Unlike other modes of play, both Ascension and Underworld can be played without energy.

Shadow Fight 2 | Mod APK | Unlimited Everything

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