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Mini Militia God Mod Version | Unlimited Everything!!!

Mini Militia God Mode Version | Unlimited Everything!!!

Doodle Army 2, Mini Militia is a multiplayer battle action 2 Dimensional. This game allows players to challenge each other all across the globe. In this game one can play upto more than 6 different players in original game. However in this version of mini militia one can play up-to 14 players challenging with each other. This game can only be played over LAN WiFi. Or Within the same WiFi but you can play in training mode. So that you can learn before getting started the the players across the globe or with your own friends.
This game is really spontaneous. The virtual stick that allows you to move your player in the game or the character you choose in the game. The game character is placed on the left side of screen. You can aim in the right side of the screen because it is placed on the right side of screen. In this game, when you aim the target, you need to point long.So that  it will shoot automatically as long as you point towards the target.
Mini Militia is quite famous all over the world.It has more than 10,000,000+ downloads has reached and in this game there are more than 5 levels or location and each level is quite fascinating. I personally recommend you to play this game.
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Mini militia

Mini Militia God Mod Unlimited Everything



Its amazing when you can get this mega mod of Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia.apk in this place. This is my first about mobile game where in this post i am here to provide all the pretty good mods along with the God mod. This mod is going to include infinite power in one place. in this Mod, you will get all the necessary power that a character can get in the game where you can play with the friends and global players too where you will never be defeated. This mod include Unlimited health, one shot dead, infinite nitro and unlimited battle points. This is especially for those who never wanted to be defeated and wanted to win wars continuously.i am sure that you gonna love it and i hope you people gonna tell to everyone who is crazy about this game. Furthermore this mod comes with three new map where one can see the health of other players and seek he revenge and surprise with their Dual Guns.
Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia God Mod Features:

One Shot Dead
Pro Pack
Dual Gun
See Hidden player in Bush
Melle Attack
Unlimited Nitro
Health Of Other player
All store items unlocked
`Unlimited ammo

If you have installed the game from playstore then you have to install mod again. If you do so then only you can play it full Features. Talking about this mod, the game developers have added and made some changes differently. In this game/mod all the new store items are also included where you can purchase it freely and you can play it like a Boss.

Range Finder It will cost 1000 battle points
Pistol Scope It will cost 1000 battle points
Golden Eagle It will cost 250 battle points
Boost Regeneration It will cost 1250 battle points
Health Regeneration It will cost 1000 battle points
Boost Increase It will cost 2000 battle points
Mask Pack It will cost 500 battle points
Fast Reload It will cost 1500battle points
Hand Gun Extender It will cost 1250 battle points
Melle Plus 10 It will cost 800 battle points
Laser Sight It will cost 1000 battle points
Gas Grenade It will cost 500 battle points
Rifle Extender It will cost 1500 battle points

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