Garlic Health Benefits

Garlic Health Benefits

Everyone in the world knows about the use of garlic but you probably don’t know about the main use of it. Well, garlic is very much close to central Asia and it has been very much common across the globe. To be more specific, it has a long history of thousand years of human in terms of eating and the use of it. The common use of garlic is to provide flavor to the recipe and as a medicine. To be more specific, China is only the country which produces about 80% annually.
In the world, there are few plants that can be grown easily and garlic is one of them. It can be grown throughout the year in mild climates. It can also be grown close to the neighboring plant, with enough space for the bulb of the plant to mature.

Garlic Health Benefits

Production of Garlic By Country

Country                             Production(Tonnes)
1.China                               21,197,131
2.India                                  1,400,000
3.Bangladesh                       381,851
4.Egypt                                 280,216
5.South Korea                      275,549
6.Russia                               262,211

Garlic is very important in terms of health. There are many uses of garlic in the human body. Consumption of garlic can boost your immune system. Including garlic in every diet of your food can be very much helpful for you and your family. This will increase your immunity power and we know that if our immunity is strong. If our immune system is strong then our body is resistant to disease. People living in Asia continent include garlic in every diet and this is the reason that they are healthy than other people in the world. The study shows that the individual who include garlic in their diet then it is less likely that they will suffer from cardiovascular disease. Nowadays every doctor suggests every individual eat garlic.
Some of the nutrition facts of Garlic/100g(3.5 oz)
Energy 623 kJ (149 kcal)
Fat 0.5g
Carbohydrates 33.6g
Sugars 1g
Dietry Fibre 2.1g
Protein 6.36g

Vitamins                                    Quantity                                   %DV†

Thiamine                                      0.2 mg                                    17%
Niacin ((B3)                                 0.7 mg                                     5%
Riboflavin (B2)                            0.11 mg                                    9%
Pantothenic acid (B5)                  0.596 mg                                 12%
Vitamin (B6)                                 1.2350 mg                               95%
Fotate (B9)                                   3 μg                                         1%
Vitamin C                                     31.2 mg                                   38%

Minerals                                       Quantity                                 %DV†

Calcium                                        181 mg                                    18%
Iron                                               1.7 mg                                     13%
Magnesium                                  25 mg                                       7%
Manganese                                 1.672 mg                                   80%
Phosphorous                               153 mg                                     22%
Sodium                                        17 mg                                       1%
Zinc                                             1.16 mg                                    12%
Potassium                                   401 mg                                      9%

Garlic Health Benefits

Top Garlic Health Benefits
-Lower the cholesterol level due to the presence of anti-oxidant properties called Allicin
-It helps to regulate blood pressure
-It helps to regulate blood sugar levels
-If taken regularly on daily basis then it purifies your blood
-It helps to prevent cold and Flu
-It helps to prevent heart disease
-It is anti-bacterial and anti-parasitic
-It helps to prevent cancer
-It is necessary for healthy skin(prevents aging) and hair(hair loss)

Important Note:
-Garlic should not be consumed who is suffering from Asthma
-Consumption of garlic should be avoided before medical surgeries and medical operation(biopsy)

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