Create Free Website 2018

Create Free Website 2018

Create Free Website 2018-Before creating a website, we must know what is website and what is the use of it and what can we go through this? Well, a website is a bundle of web pages which includes multimedia, text, messages, audio and many more and it is typically identified by a common domain name and again which is published by the site owner on at least one server. Through the use of the website, we can do many more things. One of a good example of the use of the site is to advertise. However we can do many more things with the help of a website and some of the common use are: Advertising, Increase customer, Access to information, Collect data or Create awareness, Increase sale if you have owned a company, Opportunity,  Long lasting clients and many more!!!

create free website

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How to create a Website?

Well, creating a website is an easy process but before that, you need a domain name and a hosting. You may have a question, what a domain name and hosting is?

Domain name is primary identification information of the site name and it is commonly seen as  and hosting is the man part of the website where you store all the necessary data of the website. It is commonly referred to as the hard drive of the website. Now you know what a domain name and a hosting are. You can buy a domain and host at any places in the online world. The best site where you can buy domain and hosting is In this site, you can buy both domain name and hosting service and it is very popular in today’s world. Many of the recognized websites are bought from here. So I strongly suggest to buy your domain name and hosting from here because you can buy at cheap price. After you purchased all of these then you are ready to go. You will get some important messages from the Godaddy site which will be used in the future. After that simply install a WordPress from your Cpanel and you are ready to go for your first post.

Want to create Free Website?



Yes! you hear right. You can create a free website without paying a cent, Well actually, there is many more online site which provides free domain name and hosting as well. Some of the best site to create a free website are or

This is the site where you can create your free website without paying a dollar. It is totally free and the thing you need to create a website is just your Gmail account. By signing in with your Gmail account you are ready to go. Here is the video where you can see how to create a free website with

How to Create Your Free Website with Blogger


Creating a free website with blogger is an easy process and in here you don’t need anything except a Gmail account. Just go to Blogger and sign up follow the process. You can simply create a website but keep in mind that the site you created with blogger is the program of Google. The main difference of your website will be the domain name. Your domain will look like However, you can change the domain name as per your wish but to change the domain name is blogger you simply need a domain name. To change that name you have to buy a domain name and you have put that it in the custom domain name in blogger.

To change your domain of blogger name follow these steps:

1. Go to blogger and sign in with your username and password

2. Then go to setting

3. Choose custom domain if you have( you have to edit)

4. Enter your paid domain name

5. Customize your website powered by blogger( Hosting is free and you can upload any photo of any sizes lifetime)

6. Hurray Done!!!

blogger create free website


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