Call OF Duty Mobile Apk Latest Download

Call OF Duty Mobile Apk Latest Download

Call of Duty is a online game.This game is 1st person mode game made by Infinity Ward and published by Activision . Call of Duty is Modern Warfare is the sixteen installment of COD. Call of Duty Mobile Apk is Free in all Consoles.
So Be ready to download and Enjoy .

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· Added Warzone specific controller button layouts. The Bumper Ping and Bumper Ping Flipped layouts will allow those playing Warzone with a controller to use the Ping feature more efficiently.
· Fix for a bug for the player equipping a gas mask will interrupt and block players from deploying their parachute.

Ground War

Fix for a bug that resulted in a player falling through the map upon spawning on a tank as it became full.

Special Operations

  • · Operation Brimstone: Fixed a bug where objective icons were not appearing on the Tac-Map.
  • · Operation Crosswind: Fix for sometimes jumping out of the plane into an out of bounds area.
  • · Operation Headhunter: Fix for Cruise Missile marking teammates as enemy targets.
  • · Operation Just Reward: Fix for stealth being automatically broken when retrying the Operation.


Increased the max travel time for Crossbow bolts from three seconds to six seconds for longer distance shots.
Bolt action rechamber will no longer be retriggered if interrupted after the round has been ejected (this fixes an issue with redundant bolt action rechambers after weapon switches).

Call of Duty: Mobile
Minimum Requirement:

OS: Android 9
· CPU: Snapdragon 655
· HDD: 10GB HD space.
· Network: Broadband Internet connection.

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Call of Duty Mobile


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