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Adam Rippon | Biography | Olympics 2018 | Skating | Singing

Adam Rippon | Biography | Olympics 2018 | Skating | Singing

Adam Rippon was born in Scranton, Pennsylvania on November 11 1989 . His height is around 1.70 meter and he is 28 years old. He is an American figure skater and he is four continent champion in 2010 and he is also a 2016 U.S. national champion. In his career, he won World Junior Championship in 2008 and 2009 and also Junior Grand Prix Final in 2007-08. He is currently selected as to represent the USA at the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea.

His hometown is Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania. He is the oldest six children and he has some hearing problem as he was born with severe hearing loss power. However his surgery was done at Yale University before his first birthday and he has gain his hearing power back as the normal person. One of the main thing about Adam Rippon is that, he is gay and it was publicly informed in October 02 in 2015. He didn’t actually feel bad about this but he sometime he may regret about it(which is my personal view and i don’t want to hurt him and i apologize about it) and now he is so famous across the universe that he is representing USA in the Pyeonchang Olympic 2018.


He is such a good person and he never wanted to be defined by his sexuality and he never blame his mother, Kelly Rippon for that and how he is. He also said it once that being such person is not something that defines him but how is now and how people are reacting with him. He further added that his mom always wanted him to treat people inside his circle or outside equally and with this value, he totally earned around his people and he was always a hard worker and kind too.

According to many source, Adma Rippon’s mother has a Baccalaureate degree in dance and Master degree in Humanities concentrating Philosophy. Talking about Adam’s┬áhe actually didn’t started skating till the age of 10 but his interest was in other. However he took as a chance and luckily he earned a spot inn the US Olympic team in Pyeongchang. Unfortunately he broke his leg and it was insane to go but he struggled back to the ice. This year was the most joyful year and he earned everything and he became so famous that he is so grateful and thanked to everyone out there and to all his well-wishers.

Talking about present of Adam Rippon, well he is considered as the first openly gay who qualified for the Winter Olympics with team USA. In the sense of generous, he is one and only one who is able to complete in a Winter Games and it was a huge prospect for him. As a matter of fact that he has been a subject of huge profiles since 2015 and he recently said that it was his will power and hard work that has brought him here with success and healthy situation on Dec 28 2017.

Through his entire carreer he earned all the things that a successful person earn in his entire life. Likewise he is one of the best and only one gay person to qualify for Winter Olympic and to represent America.



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